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Canada Immigration 03: How important is a consultant? কানাডা অভিবাসনের টুকিটাকি

Canada Immigration 03: How important is a consultant?

Canada Immigration 03 How    important is a consultant

I am starting today's episode with my father's words as relevant. He was a government employee. The above opportunities are not equal in all jobs. However, many of the positions above or below where he worked had multiple homes.

I am starting today's episode with my father's words as relevant. He was a government employee. The above opportunities are not equal in all jobs. However, many of the positions above or below where he worked had multiple homes.

And, he died at the semipaka house in our village. He did not go to Chittagong city with any of our plots, flats, houses, cars. Because he was against going for Hajj due to corruption, it did not happen to him.

Even in this situation, some tout-batpars of the village did not spare him. Attempts have been made at various times to embarrass and harass him with thirty-five baseless cases. The father could not afford to hire a lawyer in these cases. So, in almost every case he presented himself. Although he did not have an institutional degree in law, many new lawyers used to come to him from time to time to hear interpretations of various laws. You will be surprised to know that in every case the verdict was in his favor.

Because of the father’s story, it is not mandatory to hire a lawyer to present oneself in a case in court, which he has proved. If you know the provisions of the law properly, you can present yourself in court. Immigration to Canada is no exception.

If you know everything right, you can play the role of your own consultant or lawyer. The question, however, depends on how well you are able to keep up to date with the needs or regulations of fast-changing Canadian immigration, and at the same time be able to properly interpret the Immigration Act, Regulations, Ministerial Instructions, Program Delivery Updates, etc. Whether.

In short, you can apply for immigration to Canada without an immigration consultant or lawyer, if you have enough knowledge and time. An immigration professional (consultant or lawyer) cannot expedite your application in any way. They do not have the authority to guarantee that your work will be 'done'. If given, it is illegal. Let me give you some important information that you must know when hiring an immigration professional.

If the immigration professional works for you without a fee, it will work even if you do not have a written agreement with him. However, if he charges you a fee, he is obliged to make a written agreement. The contract can also be electronically. The consultant has to sign such an agreement; He is not a representative. It is also mandatory to have a membership number next to his name. Membership numbers begin with the English letter 'R', for example, R930500. If you search this number with Google, you will understand whether it is real or fake. It is often seen that another officer of the company, who is not a consultant himself, is signing a contract with you. But that is not acceptable in the eyes of the law.

Remember, there are many difficult terms hidden in the contract. So ‘Agree’ or ‘I agree’ without paying attention to everything in the contract; Don't write. Because, if for any reason you file a complaint against your consultant or consulting firm to the ICCRC of Canada, they will not be able to do anything for you outside of the contract. I don't understand English - you won't get any benefit. The ICCRC is a Canadian agency that formulates the Code of Conduct for Canadian Immigration Consultants and regulates their activities. It is a regulatory body. This body licenses or withdraws consultants, or takes appropriate disciplinary action against them in appropriate cases.

Some consultants try to get you a few thousand dollars by rushing into a full immigration application, claiming that you are offering free initial advice. Usually the money written in the contract is non-refundable. In such a situation, it is your responsibility to protect yourself. Rather than spending two to three hundred dollars on a written contract, it is better to take a detailed initial assessment and test your initial eligibility or LGBT status. Only after the assessment, if it is deemed suitable or eligible, did you go for the full immigration application or not. This way you can protect yourself from major financial losses.

In other words, Registered Immigration Consultants obtain a written consent from you that all the information presented in the application is correct before submitting your application to the Immigration Office of Canada (IRCC). Before signing such an agreement, make sure that the information presented about you in the application is correct. Because, if it's wrong, it's his responsibility, not yours, but the immigration consultant's. In the language of immigration, this mistake is called 'misrepresentation'. This is a crime. If convicted of such an offense, your application will be rejected, and you may be barred from entering Canada for several years. Such incidents are not uncommon.

Many people choose an immigration consultant by looking at Google reviews. But not all reviews are from real clients. Be especially careful about this. Most effective, someone's verbal reference.

Also, if you already have a positive idea about a consultant, you can use it. Don't believe 100% of the information on the internet. In this way, many are deceived by blind faith.

Now listen, whether the person you are considering as a consultant is actually a Canadian Consultant (RCIC). Under Canadian law, you are the only Canadian-approved immigration professional who can advise you on Canadian immigration, and no one else. The question arises, what is the harm if the consultant is fake? There is certainly damage. Your immigration application may be rejected if the issue of hiring a fake consultant comes to the attention of the Canadian immigration authorities. You may also be disqualified for several years for submitting an immigration application to Canada due to misrepresentation.

The Canadian regulator, or ICCRC, does not have the authority to take legal action against an immigration consultant whose name is not listed in the link below. As a result, it became impossible for Canada to ensure consumer protection. Canada never wants Canadian immigration applicants to fall prey to any scammers anywhere in the world. You can be sure if your consultant is approved by the Canadian Immigration Office at all from the following link or registry provided by the Government of Canada:

Let's not prolong this writing. If you have any special questions about studying in Canada, or immigration, please let me know at the email address below. The next article will try to reflect your interest.

Also, keep a regular eye on to read my writings on Canadian immigration. I end here today with the interest of sharing many more valuable information with you.

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