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Canada Immigration Tips 09: Are You Really About Common Law? - কানাডা অভিবাসনের টুকিটাকি

Canada Immigration Tips 09: Are You Really About Common Law?

Canada Immigration Tips 09: Are You Really About Common Law? - কানাডা অভিবাসনের টুকিটাকি

A gentleman emailed me from Dhaka asking for help with his eldest son's study in Canada. He knew that our company, MLG Canada Immigration, also helps with education in Canada.

The boy is studying in a reputed private university. He also became interested in studying in Canada as some of his friends went abroad to study. After talking to the gentleman for a while, I told him that the boy should email me directly to express his interest.

Two days later I received the boy's email. When I went to reply to the email, I sent him a form with preliminary information. At first we didn't know some basic information about the client to help us study or immigrate to Canada. This is a common step.

At one point in the form, the 'marital status' has been asked. In reply he wrote, ‘Common Law’. That means the boy is referring to a 'common law' relationship. Since I have spent half of my life in Bangladesh, I understand the cultural context of Bangladesh very well. Therefore, I could not accept the information given by him without verifying it. I decided to talk to the boy and see if he really knew about the 'common law' relationship.

Only twenty-one years old, again a conservative environment like Bangladesh! In this situation, he was surprised to think that he was living with someone in a 'common law' relationship. In order to write this, I gave the name of that boy Mamun, the name of one of my naughty friends.

  • I emailed Mamun and asked him to call me quickly. The next day he called me. He also greeted ‘Uncle’ very politely. I went straight to the main point to summarize.
  • : Well Mamun, can you explain the 'common law' relationship that you have written?
  • Mamun (mutters): Uncle, what a personal relationship!
  • : I know that, your relationship with a girl, is that it?
  • : G Uncle, G Uncle, that's right.
  • : Well, what is the level of the relationship? I mean, how close are you to each other, or has something happened between you?
  • : We are very close uncle, very close. We are very committed, we will not live without each other. Many good marriage proposals for me and returned. Refused until the pot got the American greencard. I will not live without him. Our relationship is so deep.
  • : Now I went into a little direct action; Because, I have to understand what the relationship is. I said, have you had sex?
  • : Yes Uncle, several times. All this to my father.
  • : Hey don't tell me Mamun, no one in the world except you and me will know what we are talking about, your father is the next thing. You can tell me without hesitation.
  • : I asked him again, "Do you live somewhere like husband and wife?"
  • : No uncle no, we live in each other's homes. I sometimes meet his parents at their friend's house when they go abroad; That's it.

I understood that. I told Mamun, the relationship between the two of you is not a 'common law' relationship. ‘Common law’ is another matter. To call a relationship a 'common law', there are a number of conditions. Let's face it, even if you don't know it now.

Not only is Mamun the subject of this story, but in some other cases I felt the need to write this after seeing some Bangladeshi clients having misconceptions about 'common law' relationships. Because, if you contact a foreign immigration consultant or RCIC, who does not have a good idea about the culture of Bangladesh, and ask for immigration advice, if he forgets that you are in a 'common law' relationship, then he is likely to misunderstand you. Remember, a secret boyfriend-girlfriend reunion can be a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, but not a ‘common law’ relationship.

A relationship between a man and a woman can only be considered a 'common law' relationship when:

  • - They are both adults and have maintained a husband-wife relationship with each other for at least a year;
  • - Live in one house continuously for at least one year (live-together);
  • - depend on each other as husband and wife in various personal and financial matters; Etc.

In short, the relationship must be similar to married life. Husbands and wives are temporarily separated due to urgent needs such as job or business, urgent need of family, illness or death of a close relative, it also applies to common law relationship. However, if there is any other need as soon as possible, they have to come back to the same house. Isolation must be temporary or temporary and brief. The longer the issue of separation lasts, the harder it will be to prove a 'common law' relationship.

How do you prove that you have lived in one home or one address? To prove this point, your home (if rented) may have a joint rental agreement, a variety of utilities, such as a joint bill for water, electricity, gas, etc., a joint insurance policy, and so on. Again, whether you are financially dependent on each other can be understood from your joint bank account, savings, loans, credit cards, etc.

Therefore, the depth of the relationship is much wider. In addition, a married man or woman cannot start a ‘common law’ relationship with someone else unless they have been separated for at least a year. It is not possible to go into a ‘common law’ relationship with more than one partner at the same time.

In the social system of Bangladesh, it is almost impossible to live in a 'common law' relationship. So one does not have to simply declare orally that he or she is in a ‘common law’ relationship.

In reality, it is not easy to comply with all the conditions of this relationship. Without it, the question may arise, why did you choose a ‘common law’ relationship without living a married life? This is not supposed to happen under normal circumstances.

In fact, the issue of "common law" can be considered if it is impossible for a couple to get married due to social or other constraints. For example, same-sex relationships, which are not legal in many countries, including Bangladesh. In such a situation, if a man wants, he cannot marry another man and start a family.

As a result, they may have lived as roommates and lived behind the scenes for months, or years. This is just one example, the number of such instances can be innumerable.

In the context of Bangladesh, 'common law' relationship has no different meaning. But, in Canada it is a recognized subject or relationship. Both Civil Law and Common Law apply in Canada. This is why just as a married person can sponsor their spouse to come to Canada from another country, so can couples in a ‘common law’ relationship sponsor each other to come to Canada if necessary.

While working as a Registered Immigration Consultant or RCIC in Canada, seeing the misconceptions of many Bangladeshis about the 'common law' relationship, I would like to clarify the matter a little. This writing is for that purpose only.

Let's not make this episode too long. If you have any special questions about studying, sponsorship or immigration to Canada, you can let me know at the email address below. The next article will try to reflect your interest.

Also, keep a regular eye on to read my series on immigration to Canada. We end here today with the interest of sharing many more valuable information with you in the future.

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লেখক: কানাডীয় ইমিগ্রেশন কনসালটেন্ট, আরসিআইসি।

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