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Immigration to Canada 04: ‘Can you come to Canada on a school visa? - কানাডা অভিবাসনের টুকিটাকি

Immigration to Canada 04: ‘Can you come to Canada on a school visa?

Immigration to Canada 04 Can you come to Canada on a school visa

The huge interest of citizens of many countries in the world, including Bangladesh, in studying in Canada is nothing new. One of the many reasons for this is that having a Canadian education gives you the advantage of being a later immigrant to that country. Nowadays, the Canadian government has also given foreign minors the opportunity to go to school. Naturally, many parents in Bangladesh, who are relatively well off, are looking for ways to send their school-going children to Canada to study. And a class of cheaters named Consultant took advantage of this interest of parents.

Occasionally there are many fraudulent advertisements under the name 'Schooling Visa in Canada'. Many people bring such advertisements to my notice. Some even pleaded with me again, 'Sir, as Canada's Registered Immigration Consultant (RCIC) you should say something to make the people of the country aware of fraudulent immigration advertising.' Basically, I want to talk about that in a couple of days today.

I saw the language of a colorful ad in my Facebook inbox: 'Don't miss the golden opportunity to travel to Canada on a schooling visa. Contact: ... ' The person who sent me the ad also threw a question, 'Please tell, is the wording of this ad correct?' I gave him no answer; Because, the answer to this question is very long.

Now let's analyze the language of that advertisement. First, there is no separate visa called 'Schooling Visa' in Canadian immigration. The words 'schooling visa' are probably the invention of the fertile brain of Bengalis. It is actually known in Canada as the 'Study Permit for Minor Children'. My guess is that some people in Bangladesh have called it 'Schooling Visa' for a special purpose. Looking at the language of the ad, it may seem that this is a special type of visa for traveling to Canada so that parents can easily go to Canada if they want. In fact, the matter is not so much.

If you are able to meet certain conditions, you can definitely send your child to study in Canada. There is no problem with that; Many are also sending. The problem is that when someone thinks that the child is studying, he or she can move to Canada one after the other and gradually become a permanent immigrant to Canada.

So for what reason are the advertisers tempting their parents to go to Canada? In a sense, they are not lying. Because, parents or any one of them can go to Canada with a temporary or temporary visa (visit visa). The reason for applying for a 'visit visa' may be to look after the child. However, since two parents are not required for this job, the visa officer can in most cases issue a visit visa to one of the two; Although the visa officer does not have to issue a visa. Unfortunately, if neither of you can get a visa, you will have to take alternative measures to stay and care for your child in Canada.

Assuming, a parent got a visit visa to go to Canada with the child. However, this does not mean that you can go to Canada and earn some income by taking the opportunity to work! If you do, it will be invalid. There is no way you can work or study in Canada with a visit visa. If you want to study, you must apply for a study permit separately. Or, if you want to work, you have to apply for a work permit. Arranging for a visitor visa in Canada, especially getting a work permit, is quite difficult. So, if you really want your minor child to study in Canada, you should start by arranging for the child and (if you get a visa) to run your own expenses.

At this stage, you may be wondering, what is the cost of this work? It is not possible to give a correct answer to this question; However, I think the monthly Canadian cost is about two thousand five hundred dollars, which is about one lakh sixty thousand rupees in Bengali rupees, which can be estimated at twenty lakh rupees a year. I have taken into account the incidental expenses including the tuition fee of the child and the living expenses of one of the parents. The cost of coming and going in the country is different. Again, the visa officer is not obligated to give you a 'visit visa' because the child is coming to Canada. If you do not get a visa, you will need to find alternative childcare arrangements in Canada.

Now understand how true or false the language of the above advertisement is. I would say, however, that since there is enough room for people to get a misconception about the overall situation from the language of advertising. Therefore, this language is neither true nor completely false; In other words, the truth is absurd. That is to say, one of the main characters of the Mahabharata, Yudhisthira's 'truth' speech is half-true: Drona thought that Yudhisthira never lied, so, believing his words, Drona lost his life in the end.

Let's end today's episode with a few words for those who are actively considering sending children to Canada for the purpose of teaching. If any of you have the opportunity to come to Canada with a visit visa with a child, you can contact various Canadian educational institutions or immigration consultants to find out how you can gradually create a permanent living environment or opportunity in Canada.

My suggestion here is to find out how to enroll in a study program in Canada. If you have found a suitable study program that will help you immigrate to Canada in the future, you may want to enroll in that study program. It is not impossible or to blame.

In this case, you must keep one thing in mind. That is, how much the subject you want to study, or the educational institution you want to be admitted to, will help you in the future regarding immigration to Canada. Complets any study program at any institution but cannot apply for immigration to Canada. If you can start studying in Canada with a study permit, your child will be able to study in Canada without tuition fees. That way, your costs will go down by about half.

It is not impossible for a child to settle down in Canada in addition to studying, following the rules and regulations. But, if you do something in a crooked way, for example, if you do something secretly in the dark of night and get involved in illegal activities like earning cash dollars, you and your child's Canada-future may fall into deep darkness. Don't make such a mistake.

Let's not prolong this writing. If you have any special questions about studying in Canada, or immigration, please let me know at the email address below. The next article will try to reflect your interest.

Also, keep a regular eye on to read my writings on Canadian immigration. I end here today with the interest of sharing many more valuable information with you.


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