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Some countries have visas open for Bangladesh in 2021 - বাংলাদেশের জন্য কোন কোন দেশের ভিসা খোলা আছে ২০২১

Some countries have visas open for Bangladesh in 2021 - বাংলাদেশের জন্য কোন কোন দেশের ভিসা খোলা আছে ২০২১

Some countries have visas open for Bangladesh in 2021 - বাংলাদেশের জন্য কোন কোন দেশের ভিসা খোলা আছে ২০২১

News of work visa abroad 2021 and job visa of all countries

Want to go abroad to work? Need a secure and reliable visa? Here you will find information about the visa prices of all the countries where the agencies work with work visas. We try to present the information accurately and precisely. We support work visas in the countries of your choice. You can apply for a visa directly if you want. He will also get services from us.

Why is it important to be careful about work visas abroad?

Many people become destitute with their savings in the hands of fraudsters in lucrative offers for job visas abroad. Many people borrow money and give it to the Adam trader broker. Eventually they don't go abroad and don't get their money back. There are some people who take large sums of money from 100 people saying that they want to send them abroad. But only 10 people can send. The rest of the money was slowly returned. To solve all these problems, we work side by side with the working people of the rural areas. Not in the interest of any agency or individual. Because we know how hard it is for a poor person to save money or send his child abroad.

What are visa packages and self-paid?

Suppose you want a work visa in Malaysia. And for this he came to a visa agent. The visa agent tells you, you give the necessary paperwork, we will do the rest. You do not have to deposit any money in that field before. After getting the visa, you will give us 3 lakh rupees. This is the visa package. Again if you go to another agency they say give us all the paperwork required for Malaysian calling visa, we will apply online on your behalf. All the information will come to your address and e-mail and you have to pay the Malaysian embassy for this. We will work for you in all the steps from start to finish, just give you the money you need. And after getting the visa, you will pay us 30,000 rupees for the service charge. In this case your total cost may be two goals thirty thousand rupees. This is self-paid.

However, whatever the type of visa or visa of any country, we will be able to assist you with the correct and accurate information, God willing. Whether it is Malaysia calling visa, work visa in South Korea, Qatar, Maldives or Canada.

What kind of work visa is available in which country?

Visa types also vary by country. For example, in Malaysia, a job visa is called a calling visa. This visa takes people to work as workers in different companies in Malaysia. Free visas are available in Saudi Arabia or work visas directly from the company.

In the US, immigrant visas, Canadian work visas, etc. Kuwait also has a number of precautions for visas. Many people are in danger of going abroad without understanding the type of visa. So we ask you to think about going abroad to work knowingly. There are many articles on job visas available in Bengal abroad nowadays, read them, know them, understand them and then make a decision.

Below is a general list of countries where work visas are generally available:

Saudi Arabia visa and expenses

Getting a work visa in Saudi Arabia is relatively easy. The cost is also very low compared to other countries. In other words, a Saudi Arabian visa is available only for 2 lakh 20 thousand rupees.

However, according to the value and salary of the visa is more or less. Lots of people from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan are taking job visas to Saudi Arabia every year.

You too can become a respected remittance fighter safely and at low cost.

What are the current visas and what is the cost and salary Click below to know all the information.

Italy visa costs and visa processing

The legal recruitment process has been underway in Italy since 2020. Sponsors from different countries of the world including Bangladesh and

Italy will employ a total of 30,800 (thirty thousand eight hundred) people on seasonal agriculture visas.

Register below to know about salary and visa time etc.

Italy Visa Expenses and Current Circular (Date: 15-03-2021) are given below. The terms will be filled on a first come first served basis.

Position Name and Number: 25 electricians, 25 plumbers

Visa cost: 950000 tk (It’s senjen visa he can move europe)

Visa processing will start from April 2021.

Visa processing fee + india up down + stay cost all inclusive here.

Cost of air ticket: 100000 tk

Total cost: 1050000 tk

Salary in Bangladeshi rupees: 100000 ++ (starting from one lakh tk)

To ensure advance 50% and rest 50% after visa and before flight.

If visa will not be processed successfully then india cost will be deducted and rest money will be refunded.

Documents required for Italy visa:

  • Passport (validity must be at least 2 years) + Photo + NID, etc.
  • Age: Must be between 18-40 years.
  • Processing time will take about 6 months.

Serbia work visa and job circular

Work visas are being issued on an emergency basis in the European Union country Serbia (SERBIA).

Visa does not have to go to India. Work permit in 1 month and flight will be arranged in just 2 months.

Type of work: Construction sector and can be any type of factory.

Serbia Visa Cost: Construction Sector Tk 5.50 lakh and Factory Tk 6.00 lakh.

You don't have to pay 1 taka in advance.

However, once the work permit has been verified and selected, the work will be expedited if only Tk. 30,000 / - is paid for the approval, visa fee, insurance and other expenses of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh. Which will be refunded if not visa.

The flight will be done with manpower from the country, God willing. But register below to get a work visa to Serbia quickly.

Albanian job visa

The Chinese embassy in Albania is open. Work in progress at the moment. Inshallah, the visa will be issued from the time the flight is launched. There is no benefit from sitting. At the moment, a construction firm in Albania needs 5 skilled construction workers at low cost. Urgent contact.

Job visa in Qatar:

Job Type: Construction Skilled Worker - Mason, Steel Fixer, Plumber, Electrician "

Salary: 1200 dirhams,

200 dirhams to eat, free to stay.

Duty 10 hours

Visa cost: 250,000 (last)

Uzbekistan work visa:

Uzbekistan is a landlocked rich country in Central Asia. Its capital is Tashkent. The sovereign state consists of 12 provinces and an autonomous republic. Uzbekistan is the seventh richest country in uranium production, which shows how rich the country is. So getting a work visa to Uzbekistan is a dream for Bangladeshis. Below is an updated job circular on work visa costs, salaries, etc. in Uzbekistan:

Visa cost: 2 lakh 50 thousand

Monthly salary: 50 thousand to 60 thousand

Pipe fitter, piping foreman, welder

Job visa in Japan

Japan was supposed to start recruiting people free of cost from April 2020. It was closed for a long time because of Corona. Student, visit and work permit visas have already started and almost 100 percent of the applicants are getting visas.

If there is no new problem, God willing, the work of student and work permit will continue.

The monthly salary of work permit visa holders starts from a minimum of tk. 1,35,000 / -

Japanese language learning

Must know minimum Japanese language N4 level for job in Japan. If you can learn N5 level by cost then N4 level will not be very difficult. If someone is admitted in 2 courses together then he will be given a discount. However, for student visa, only N5 level is required and the last date to apply for the April 2021 semester is November 30, 2020.

If anyone cannot go to Japan after learning Japanese language minimum N4 level then we will bear all his responsibility. A new batch has already started. Confirm the seat of you or your well-wisher now.

Benefits of Japanese Language Courses:

Course fee is one time

N5 level 25,000 / - and

N5 + N4 level together tk. 40,000 / -.

Note: Your commission (immediately) is tk. 10,000 / -.

Weekly class 3 days, 2.00 hours daily.

There are opportunities to take classes in the morning or night batch.

Batch of maximum 10 people in a very private style.

All books are provided free of charge.

Age 18 to 35 years.

Educational Qualifications: Minimum HSC for student Visa & Minimum SSC for work permit Visa

Work visas are also available in the following countries

  • Malaysia Calling Visa
  • Canada Work Visa 2021
  • Canada Business Visa
  • Croatia work visa
  • France work visa
  • Romania work visa
  • Job visa in Algeria
  • Fiji job visa
  • Maldives work visa
  • Morocco work visa
  • Finland work visa
  • Ireland job visa
  • Poland work visa 2021
  • Jordan visa
  • Lithuania work visa
  • Belarus visa
  • Georgia visa
  • Free visa to Saudi Arabia

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