Friday, May 21, 2021

Travel and reality in Europe on ‘work permit’ visa - ‘ওয়ার্ক পারমিট’ ভিসায় ইউরোপ যাত্রা ও বাস্তবতা - কানাডা অভিবাসনের টুকিটাকি

Travel and reality in Europe on ‘work permit’ visa - ‘ওয়ার্ক পারমিট’ ভিসায় ইউরোপ যাত্রা ও বাস্তবতা

Travel and reality in Europe on ‘work permit’ visa - ‘ওয়ার্ক পারমিট’ ভিসায় ইউরোপ যাত্রা ও বাস্তবতা

Many people from Bangladesh try to go to different countries of Europe every year in the hope of a better life. However, it would not be wrong to call the conventional thinking of the common people of this country about this continent a lot of 'hype'.

Europe's borders are not limited to Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Belgium or Luxembourg.

There are still many countries in Europe that are relatively underdeveloped economically. Even in the social index, those countries are quite backward. Eastern European countries lag far behind Western European countries in terms of quality of life and average income.

Politically, the boundaries between Western Europe and Eastern Europe were drawn on the basis of the socialist system of government that existed until the nineties of the last century. The countries of the Eastern Europe had a system of socialist rule until the nineties of the last century.

On the other hand, the countries of Central and Western Europe are based on democracy and free market economy. Although geographically Greece is a country in Southeast Europe, Greece is not called an Eastern European country. Because there was never a socialist regime.

Although Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia on the Baltic coast are not geographically Eastern European countries, they were once considered Eastern European countries as they were directly under Soviet rule.

The countries of Eastern Europe have not yet been introduced to the people of our country in that way. Taking advantage of this opportunity, a class of dishonest people and some agencies are taking lakhs of rupees by talking about visas in the work permit category in those countries. At the same time, fake work permit issue is being added.

Many complain that the documents that some agencies are giving them about work permits are in many cases called fake after submitting the file to the embassy. As a result, their visa application was rejected.

There are further allegations that different agencies give names and other information in the same work permit document to more than one person.

Someone complains, many times it is seen that some organizations exist on paper or on the website. Work permits are being issued from those institutions. However, when workers go to those countries after getting visas, in many cases they do not find the real existence of those institutions. Later, many people were embarrassed when they went to apply for a temporary resident permit. Many people in Europe with valid visas are actually becoming illegal later on.

Some complain that agencies are sending them to Eastern European countries because of the pay structure they are talking about. After joining the workplace, they find out that their salaries are even lower. Also, the amount of salary they are accruing after deducting tax from the basic salary is very small.

On average, the income of the average person in many Eastern European countries is around 250 to 450 euros per month. In some countries, the average person's income is less than 200 euros. Some countries, however, have a salary structure of more than 500 euros per month.

Due to the lack of accurate information, the common people of our country often get confused. But if one already has a proper idea about this, then it is possible to get rid of many of these problems.

What are the real job opportunities for the citizens of the countries outside the European Union (EU) in the countries of Eastern Europe? Overall, wages are much higher in Western European countries than in Eastern European countries in terms of any work as a whole, Andreas Trotskyani told The Daily Star.

Dr. "If you do the same thing in Western Europe, including Germany or Austria, you get at least twice the salary you get for a job in Hungary," he said.

"Every year, many people from Eastern Europe, including Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and Serbia, migrate to Western Europe, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, France and Italy," he added.

"As a result, the working population in these countries is declining day by day," he said, adding that "there is a shortage of workers in the Eastern European countries, especially in construction or agriculture." All these tasks do not require much skill. All you need is physical strength. '

Mahafuzul Haque Chowdhury, a Bangladeshi student living in Cyprus, told the Daily Star, "Many people from Bangladesh have come to Cyprus on work permit visas in the past. Many came to Cyprus from Bangladesh mainly as laborers for agriculture and animal husbandry as well as for domestic work. All these activities require physical exertion. But, like Europeans or Africans, we are not physically strong. So many Bangladeshis could not last long in all these jobs. '

According to him, ‘most of the work permits that agencies talk about are nominal work permits. In most cases, the agencies agree with the farm owners in exchange for a certain amount of money that some of their people will come to Cyprus on work permit visas and take a release from the owner upon arrival.

‘In the case of such deals, it is common to see agencies paying farm owners around two to three thousand euros. But the agencies charge Rs 7 lakh to Rs 10 lakh from their clients for work permit visas, 'he added.

He said that if anyone finds another owner within the first year after arriving in Cyprus, he can transfer the visa through him. But this year he has to run insurance for 1,800 euros. And if for some reason he can't find the owner or run the insurance, he can't apply for a new residence permit. He was then forced to apply for political asylum. However, very few Bangladeshi passport holders have applied for political asylum in Cypriot courts.

"The number of Bangladeshis who have come to Cyprus on work permit visas to continue their visas will not be even 50 in the whole of Cyprus," said student Mahafuzul Haque Chowdhury.

A Bangladeshi, who did not want to be named, told the Daily Star that he came to Serbia on a tourist visa a few months ago through an agency in Dhaka. The agency informed him that there is an opportunity to change the visa category after arriving in Serbia.

He added that the agency had originally received an invitation letter from an infrastructure construction company in Serbia asking him to apply for a D-category visa.

He said, ‘There is a complication in going out of Bangladesh with such a visa. Even such visas do not make it easy to apply for manpower. The agencies, with the connivance of some dishonest immigration officials, sent me to Serbia through an airport contract for a certain amount of money. '

He added, ‘The agency told me that after arriving in Serbia they would arrange a job for me in that construction company. My salary there will be 560 euros per month. But, after coming here, I see that the reality is completely different. I didn't even know Serbia was an EU member before. "

"So now I'm thinking of going to Romania illegally first and then trying to go to Italy or France via Hungary," he added.

Ullah Ahmed, a Bangladeshi living in Croatia, told the Daily Star, "As a result of the diplomatic relations between Bangladesh and the Croatian government, many people from our country have recently had the opportunity to come to this country in a number of sectors, including construction." However, many companies are being forced to fire them due to lack of performance as expected.

He added, "Also, many Bangladeshis are choosing Croatia as a route of entry into a Shenzhen country." So whether they come to Croatia or not, their goal is to cross the border and go to Italy, France, Spain or Portugal via Slovenia or Hungary. '

"Many were successful in the journey, many were arrested again by the police," he added.

According to him, "If there is such a trend, all our possibilities in Croatia will be closed."

Arfan Hossain, a Bangladeshi student living in Romania, told the Daily Star, "Many people from Bangladesh have come to Romania on work visas in the last few years. They came to Romania mainly as farm or construction workers. In addition, many Romanian companies are hiring workers from Bangladesh for work in welding, plumbing or factories.

"The Romanian government has signed a bilateral agreement with the Bangladeshi government to import manpower from Bangladesh," he said. So many of them are being forced to give up their jobs in a few months, whether they come to Romania or not. '

"Many Bangladeshis have been detained by Romanian or Hungarian police at checkpoints in Timishora or Arad for illegal entry," he said.

Deutsche Welle's Anupam Dev Kanunjan told the Daily Star: "Immigrants from outside the EU are no longer employed in the European market for unskilled workers. But if you have technical education, experience or higher education, skilled workers can easily come to Western European countries legally. '

‘Most of the unskilled workers in Bangladesh do not know this information. They get information through brokers and dream through locals and relatives who have been to Europe in the past. As a result, they have the idea that their future will be brighter if they can reach Europe illegally. '

"But how wrong this idea is can only be seen by looking at the situation of Bangladeshis stranded in Bosnia, Serbia, Turkey, Greece, Libya, Morocco and other countries bordering the European Union," he added.

He added, ‘After months of chasing the police in the jungle-mountains, they try to enter Europe. I have also met many people who have been crippled by police torture. But they have spent 15 to 20 lakh rupees on this difficult road. It is possible to earn income in the country by spending this money. It is even possible to try to come up with a legal way by acquiring technical skills. '

Ujjwal Das, an immigration expert and founder of London 1971, told the Daily Star, "Bangladesh's bilateral agreements with several Eastern European countries have created opportunities for Bangladesh to create a labor market in those countries." I think the Bangladesh government can follow the G2G method in exporting labor to all these countries. '

Greek expatriate Bangladeshi researcher and UNHCR official said. Muhammad Al Amin told the Daily Star, "As the number of irregular Bangladeshi immigrants in foreign countries increases, the number of people going abroad legally will shrink."

He advised everyone not to go abroad illegally and riskily, saying, "Now is the age of internet, if you want you can search for the information you need with a little effort. You can also get a clear idea of ​​the economic situation of a country.

‘You can be sure of your work permit by contacting the concerned organization directly via email instead of an agency. Besides, one should go abroad for technical and training work and learn a foreign language. '

লেখকঃ রাকিব হাসান রাফি, শিক্ষার্থী, ইউনিভার্সিটি অব নোভা গোরিছা, স্লোভেনিয়া

সূত্রঃ দ্যা ডেইলি স্টার বাংলা

ভাষা পরিবর্তন" গুগোল ট্রান্সলেট

টাগ সমূহঃ

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