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Canada Immigrating Tips 15: How serious can it be to misrepresent Canada travel or immigration?

Canada Immigrating Tips 15: How serious can it be to misrepresent Canada travel or immigration? - কানাডা অভিবাসনের টুকিটাকি ১৫: কানাডা ভ্রমণ বা ইমিগ্রেশনে ভুল তথ্য উপস্থাপন কতটা মারাত্মক হতে পারে?

Canada Immigrating Tips 15 How serious can it be to misrepresent Canada travel or immigration

A few days ago, a foreigner (Mr. Kader) who works in Canada with a work permit called me. His wife received a letter from the Canadian Immigration Office asking for my advice. Let me open the context of the letter a little.

If a foreign national works in Canada with a work permit, the Canadian government allows his or her spouse to visit Canada. Spouses can not only visit Canada, but also have the opportunity to work in Canada with an open work permit. In addition, if the couple has minor or minor children, they can also get the opportunity to study in Canada.

Mr. Quader's wife also took the opportunity to apply for entry into Canada. But the goal was set here - there was confusion in the bank statement he gave in the application form. Although he claims to have his own savings, in reality he has borrowed the money from others and kept it in the bank. The matter is thus proved that, despite the request of Canadian immigration, he has failed to submit credible documents regarding the source of the money saved. In the language of immigration it is called misrepresentation or, misrepresentation. In addition, concealing any important information for special purposes, or lying during an interview with an immigration officer is also considered misrepresentation.

A letter from the Canadian Immigration Office to Mr. Quader's wife, asking for a few more weeks to present the necessary information and evidence about the source of the money, said he could be convicted of misrepresentation and declared inadmissible for five years. A copy of the letter was also given to her husband Quader. Naturally, the family was completely unprepared to receive the letter.

The gentleman booked a one-hour private consultation with me and explained the matter in detail. It is learned that his wife has prepared and submitted the application on the advice of an unregistered consultant in Bangladesh.

Since the name of the 'consultant' was not included in the Canadian government registry, it was not clear that he was in fact a fake doctor-style consultant. Complaining to the Canadian High Commission, or the Immigration Office, about not being a Canadian-approved consultant will not help. If someone is deceived by these bogus consultants, or submits a flawed application, the entire responsibility falls on the applicant. The same has happened in the case of Mr. Quader's wife.

The question is, what could be the punishment or consequences if convicted of misrepresentation?

Failing to respond satisfactorily to the letter, the Canadian Immigration Authority may disqualify Mr. Quader's wife from entering Canada for five years. Considering the importance of misrepresentation, immigration to Canada may disqualify her husband from entering Canada for the same period. As part of this process, Mr. Quader's work permit may be revoked and he may be deported from Canada. Because, if one member of the family is convicted of the crime of misrepresentation, the other members are also guilty of the same crime, it is such a serious fault.

So-called immigration consultants, who are not registered in Canada, often mislead their clients into swindling money by submitting quick files, with the ultimate price to be paid by the applicant. Registered Immigration Consultants of Canada or, RCICs are not supposed to give such misleading advice in their own regulation, professional reputation and business interests; If they do, they too could be held accountable to the Canadian government.

In our experience, some people get letters of misrepresentation for reasons that are often misunderstood or not motivated. Therefore, if you receive such a letter, it is advisable to contact an immigration consultant immediately to get the necessary advice when replying to it. In addition, immigration law allows you to go to Canada with special needs, even if you have been convicted of misrepresentation, and even stay there for up to three years. Your counselor will look into whether such opportunities are considered in your case. Humanitarian perspectives can also be considered where appropriate.

Let's not write this long. If you have any special questions about studying in Canada, or immigration, please let me know at the email address below. The next article will try to reflect your interest.

However, the general discussion of Canadian immigration in other episodes of this series, including the current episode, should in no way be considered as legal advice. Because, specific legal advice is given in private meetings, not in general discussions. Remember, everyone's immigration case is different in one way or another. Therefore, similar solutions may not work in all cases.

Also, keep a regular eye on to read my latest articles on Canadian immigration. We end here today with the expectation of sharing more valuable information with you in the future.

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