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Canada Immigration Tips 11: Who can a Canadian sponsor in Canada, who can't?

Canada Immigration Tips 11: Who can a Canadian sponsor in Canada, who can't? - কানাডা অভিবাসনের টুকিটাকি ১১: একজন কানাডিয়ান কাকে কানাডায় স্পনসর করতে পারেন, কাকে পারেন না?

Canada Immigration Tips 11  Who can a Canadian sponsor in Canada, who can't - কানাডা অভিবাসনের টুকিটাকি ১১ একজন কানাডিয়ান কাকে কানাডায় স্পনসর করতে পারেন, কাকে পারেন না

A sister from the country sent me a message on Facebook saying, 'Brother, a Canadian expatriate came to the country a few days ago. He says he can sponsor me and take me to Canada. I thought, I'm sure I'll talk to you. Let me know if it's possible. '

I asked him, 'Is he someone close to you?'

- No, I was introduced through a friend a couple of months ago. However, he is often talked to, even shown.

The mind wanted to know a little detail. So I asked the girl, 'May I know what you do?'

- I'm a divorcee; However, there are no children.

Is he willing to marry you?

- Yes, he says so.

Then ask to get married first.

- No, he says it takes a long time to get married and take a wife to Canada. So, first take Canada as a sponsored guest; Then, there will be a wedding ...

Which I understood - this girl has fallen into the hands of a cheater. Because, in Canada, no one can be sponsored like this. With this in mind, in today's article I have decided to talk about some important things about Canadian sponsorship.

First of all, who or what qualifies to sponsor? Suppose someone in Canada went to study, or took a job. Will he be able to bring any of his relatives to Canada by sponsoring Bangladesh or any other country?

Answer: No. Only Permanent Immigrants (PR) or Citizens (Citizens) of Canada are eligible to sponsor. Not only is he a PR or a citizen, he or she must live in Canada to qualify for sponsorship, or at least the sponsor must set foot on Canadian soil and the sponsor must pledge to live in Canada with him or her. Because many Canadians do not live permanently in Canada, they cannot sponsor relatives in Canada even if they want to. Needless to say, many Canadians live in neighboring America because of their jobs.

The question is, why do sponsors have to live in Canada? Listen to the reason. The relatives who are coming to Canada with the sponsorship have to have a kind of guard around them to take care of them and meet their daily expenses. The sponsor has a written agreement with the Government of Canada that he or she is obligated to meet the basic needs of the relative being brought back from the country. In some cases, this obligation can last for a very long time, up to twenty years. The sponsor is also committed to returning to Canada any guest who has received financial assistance (Social Assistance or Welfare) from the Government of Canada during this period. Think about it, it is a responsibility of any size!

Can you sponsor someone in Canada and bring them to Canada if you agree to sign such a pledge? No, you can't. Let me give you an example. Tukhor is a talented nephew of one of my bad relations. He was not taken as a teacher in a public university of the country as he did not have the strength of Mama even after securing first and second place in Honors and Masters. Talking about fifteen years ago from now. One day he emailed me, 'Mama, I want to take immigration to Canada, go there and study and establish myself; Can you sponsor me as a Canadian citizen? '

Sadly, he had to say to me that day, 'No, nephew, you won't get any benefit. Because I have no direct blood relationship with you. '

He didn't tell me anything else, but I had no choice but to tell the truth. He is also a boy but stubborn. He did not stop there. The boy, named Kalam, is now not only a British citizen but also a teacher at a British university. I am very proud of him. You see, distant nephews are the next thing, you can't sponsor your nieces and nephews in Canada without special exceptions. This is a big difference between American immigration and Canadian immigration. Once an immigrant is found in America, his close relatives will continue to migrate to America in groups for ages.

The question is, who can sponsor a Canadian PR or citizen in general if they have the financial capacity? The list is not too long: husband, wife or common law partner, dependent son and daughter and parents. With the exception of a few exceptional cases, only those shortlisted can be sponsored in Canada. Now, understand whether the gentleman who is going to visit Bangladesh in Canada will be able to bring that girl to Canada by sponsoring her at all. Not at all. His trick is to deceive the girl.

A small incident came to mind. A few days ago a gentleman contacted our company (MLG Immigration). He is a Canadian citizen who immigrated from Pakistan. He married a lady a year and a half ago. He told me that the lady was abusing him. In a meeting with me, he wanted to know if he should pay alimony even if he divorced his wife.

He was disappointed to hear my answer. I said, 'Yes sir, you have to carry that responsibility. It has nothing to do with divorce. Because the Canadian government has allowed him to enter Canada because you have undertaken this responsibility.

The gentleman then asked, "Who is responsible for paying for Canadian Social Assistance or Welfare if his wife lives separately?" I said, 'That responsibility is also yours.'

Let's not prolong this writing. If you have any special questions about studying in Canada, or immigration, please let me know at the email address below. The next article will try to reflect your interest.

Also, keep a regular eye on to read my writings on Canadian immigration. I end here today with the interest of sharing many more valuable information with you.


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