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Canada Immigration Tips 19: Is Canada's PR Status Really Permanent - কানাডা অভিবাসন টুকিটাকি

Canada Immigration Tips 19: Is Canada's PR Status Really Permanent - কানাডা অভিবাসন টুকিটাকি

Canada Immigration Tips 19 Is Canada's PR Status Really Permanent - কানাডা অভিবাসন টুকিটাকি

While immigration or PR status in Canada is a lot of gold deer in the competitive world at the moment, some people lose or face it without realizing it. How? I am writing today with two real examples.

Mr. Haider (pseudonym) teaches at a public university in Bangladesh. He came to study in Canada a few years ago and was later granted permanent residency in the country. A few months after getting PR status, he returned to the university of the country. His promotion was imminent, which made it impossible for him to stay in Canada for two consecutive years after becoming PR.

Under current rules, a person must have been physically in Canada for at least two years every five years after obtaining Canadian PR status, or, if appropriate, to work for a Canadian company abroad or in the interests of the Government of Canada. There are some other minor exceptions which I do not want to include in this article.

This five year period should be in any window time frame. So, let's say you got Canadian PR status on June 1, 2015. In that case you must have been in Canada for at least two years by June 1, 2020. If one considers the five-year period to be another date, such as July 15, 2016, then one must stay in Canada for two years until July 15, 2022, or work temporarily full-time in another country in the interests of Canada. This means that the five-year period can be in any time frame.

Within days of becoming a PR in Canada, the Canadian government issues a card called a PR card. This card is usually valid for five years. Many people think that as long as this card is valid, its PR status will be correct, which is a misconception. Whether the PR status is OK or not is determined by the ‘Residency Obligation’ described above or the obligation to reside in Canada. Not as a PR card expiration date.

Many highly educated people also do not think very seriously about maintaining PR after getting PR status in Canada. It's a lot like this - someone has taken a flower to meet a lover almost every time he has been in love for ten years in a row. However, after getting married to that lover, he forgot to give a flower on his birthday.

In this way, if something that is absolutely desired is within reach, those who do not pay its due price, there will be some suffering in their foreheads. Professor Haider's condition is similar. He returned to Canada one day from the country. Due to the rush, the immigration officer working at the port of entry (exit route of the airport) only saw the validity of the PR card and allowed the professor to enter Canada without any further questions. That is, he entered Canada without being bound. So he thought, all is well, no problem.

He had to apply for a PR card renewal a few months after entering Canada. Because, the five-year term is coming to an end. A few weeks after the application was submitted, he received a letter from the Immigration Office of Canada, replacing the renewed PR card. It is written in the letter that his PR residency obligation should not be accepted. The letter calculates how he failed to live in Canada for two years in the last five years. The letter concludes that he can leave Canada immediately, or appeal to the tribunal against the order if he is interested. That is the source of my contact with Professor.

Another incident is of an elderly lady. She lived in Vancouver, Canada, with her son after receiving PR status. Our company MLG Immigration has an office in Edmonton, Canada. We were giving professional assistance to a granddaughter of a lady (let's say her name is Mita) with a Canadian study permit or student visa. One day Mita verbally said that a few years ago her grandmother (grandmother) was a Canadian PR, now she is no more. Hearing the words 'Mita's grandmother's PR status is no more' aroused my curiosity to know more about the matter.

I asked Mita, 'Will your grandmother talk to me about her PR status?'
No, sir, there is no point in talking, it is gone. '
Still don't say, if I can help in any way!

Three or four days later, the lady called me. After a short conversation, I came to know that within a few weeks of going to Bangladesh, he slipped in the bathroom and got severe pain in his leg. Coronavirus came to be a little better after hospitalization, physiotherapy, etc. In all, he has lived in Canada for only five months in the last five years. He knows that PR status does not exist in Canada unless you have at least two years in five years. So, thinking that the status is gone, he did not even inquire about it.

I said to the lady, 'We can help you with your matter if you want.'
How? It's ruined.

We will appeal for you at the Humanitarian Ground if you hire our company. PR status is never lost on its own.

Will I get my PR status back then? '

I can't guarantee, but I'm telling you that there's a good chance; I would not say no. '

Let's summarize. We have taken his case. We were able to get a positive decision just two weeks ago after contacting the Canadian Immigration Authority for four months in a row. Finally, the Canadian Immigration Office, IRCC wrote to him asking him to send his Bangladeshi passport within 30 days. That means he is being given a new visa. If there is a good reason, the 'lost' PR status can be regained. Let us know if there is anyone you know.

Let's not write this long. If you have any special questions about studying in Canada, or immigration, please let me know at the email address below. The next article will try to reflect your interest.

However, the general discussion on Canadian immigration in other episodes of this series, including the current episode, should not be considered legal advice in any way. Because, specific legal advice is given in private meetings, not in general discussions. Remember, everyone's immigration case is different in one way or another. Therefore, similar solutions may not work in all cases.

Also, keep a regular eye on to read my latest articles on Canadian immigration. We end here today with the expectation of sharing more valuable information with you in the future.

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  19. Canada Immigration Tips 19: Is Canada's PR Status Really Permanent - কানাডা অভিবাসন টুকিটাকি

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