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Canadian Immigration Tips 10: You are not allowed to enter Canada?

Canadian Immigration Tips 10: You are not allowed to enter Canada? - কানাডা অভিবাসনের টুকিটাকি ১০: আপনাকে কানাডায় প্রবেশ করতে দেওয়া হচ্ছে না?

Canadian Immigration Tips 10 -  You are not allowed to enter Canada

Mr. Shimul has lived in Canada for a long time. He also became a citizen long ago. Canada has applied for a super-visa for parents. The application has gone to the stage of being rejected.

That is, a PFL or, Procedural Fairness Letter has been issued by the Visa Office. In short, a PFL letter is an opportunity to give the latest explanation or reason. Writing two lines about what a Canadian super-visa is would be helpful.

A super-visa is a ten-year multiple entry visa, which allows you to stay in Canada for up to two consecutive years. Ordinary multiple visas cannot stay for more than six months at a time.

Why did Mr. Shimul's super-visa application come to the stage of rejection? The reason is that medical inadmissibility, which can be translated into Bengali, is unacceptable in medical terms. The fact is, his mother is ill, a cancer survivor. He is currently receiving regular cancer treatment, or treatment.

As Canada's immigration office has found, the cost of his treatment is much higher. The cost is significantly higher than the average amount allocated for medical treatment in Canada. This is mainly because his mother is not medically accessible in Canada. Mr. Shimul's father also lost access to Canada because of his mother. While it may seem unreasonable for one family member to blame the other, the Canadian Immigration Office treats it that way. If one member of the family becomes inaccessible to Canada for any reason, the other members become inaccessible for the same reason.

Mr. Shimul lives in Ottawa, Canada, and I live in Edmonton. A few hours plane-distance us. You found me after reading the article on bdnews24.com. That's how he contacted me by email.

Hearing the problem I asked him to send papers; Along with the PFL letter received from the Canadian Immigration Office. I reviewed the papers for a small fee (250). Looking at the original application for super visa, mother's medical report, etc., I understood that the client can get better service by adding a senior consultant with me in this case. As such, I immediately phoned a senior with about twenty years of experience to discuss the matter.

After hearing all, he asked a doctor to join us. Naturally, all in all, our consultation fees went up a bit. When the client objected, I took the job by reducing my own fee by almost half. A couple of months ago, our company, MLG Canada Immigration, along with its affiliates, responded to that PFL letter. The Immigration Office of Canada could not do this again, however, they asked for some more supporting documents a few days ago. Overall, the issue seems positive. Because, if rejected, they do not do it quickly without taking much time.

There may be other reasons for inadmissibility to enter Canada. For example, security ground, criminal ground, financial ground, misrepresentation, non-compliance, etc. If we discuss everything, this article will become very long.

So, just another one, I mean, I'm talking about the financial ground. Suppose you want to travel to Canada. However, your entry into Canada on the financial grounds was denied. You do not understand why it happened? I have dealt with several such cases. In these cases, most applicants fail to present a detailed picture of their financial capabilities to the Canadian Immigration Officer. I have seen so in my experience.

However, in the case of financial capacity, you also need to present your current source of income strictly. In other words, whatever job or business you do, you need to make sure that it is significantly more than your daily expenses.

Otherwise, the immigration officer may think that if you go to Canada and get a good chance of earning money there, you may not return to your home country.

Suppose you are not allowed to enter Canada with a satisfactory answer. So, can't you go to Canada for life? No, not exactly. You can still go to Canada in case of an emergency.

However, in that case you will need to apply for a TRP or temporary resident permit. The TRP application is approved for a maximum of three years.

Note that this is but a commonly known visitor visa or, not TRV. This is because the TRP application has to come up with a strong enough argument keeping in mind the details of the Immigration Act and Regulation.

In such an application, the immigration officer basically compares the risk to the need to visit Canada (NEED). I think it is better to take the advice of an experienced consultant (RCIC) in these cases as there are several legal issues to consider in applying for a TRP. But I'm not saying you have to hire an immigration consultant. Just as you can present yourself in court without a lawyer when it comes to any case, so are immigration issues. Even then people resorted to professionals.

Another hope is that even if you are deported from Canada with a removal order, you can come to Canada if you need to. In that case ARC or Authorization to Return to Canada is required. However, you must stay outside of Canada for a certain period of time before submitting an ARC application. Exactly how long you have to stay out of Canada depends on why you have been 'removed' from Canada. Because it can be short or long.

Let's not make this episode too long. If you have any special questions about studying, sponsorship or immigration to Canada, you can let me know at the email address below. The next article will try to reflect your interest. Also, keep a regular eye on bdnews24.com to read my series on immigration to Canada.

We end here today with the interest of sharing many more valuable information with you in the future.

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