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Canadian Immigration Tips 16: A Fraud Story in the Name of Immigration Consultancy - কানাডা অভিবাসনের টুকিটাকি

Canadian Immigration Tips 16: A Fraud Story in the Name of Immigration Consultancy - কানাডা অভিবাসনের টুকিটাকি ১৬: ইমিগ্রেশন কন্সাল্টেন্সির নামে একটি প্রতারণার কাহিনী

Canadian Immigration Tips 16 A Fraud Story in the Name of Immigration Consultancy - কানাডা অভিবাসনের টুকিটাকি ১৬ ইমিগ্রেশন কন্সাল্টেন্সির নামে একটি প্রতারণার কাহিনী

Today I will write about how ordinary people are being deceived in the name of immigration consultancy in Bangladesh. If you want to understand, I want to read this article very carefully. I will try to limit the use of technical terms as much as possible for the convenience of everyone.

Sourav (pseudonym) has entered into a written agreement with a so-called immigration consulting firm with an eye-catching office in Gulshan, Dhaka, to assist in Canadian immigration. Mr. Sourav is now 36 years old. The deal was done two years ago; I mean, he was 35 then. He is survived by his wife and two children.

A few days ago, Mr. Sourav emailed our company 'MLG Immigration' asking for my help with Canada Immigration. We emailed him a questionnaire to collect preliminary information as per our rules. There is a question like this: 'Are you currently contracted with a consultant? If so, give details. '

The purpose of this question is that if someone is already contracted with a consultant, our company does not enter into a contract with him. So we did not know the matter at the beginning.

Mr. Saurabh answered in the affirmative, meaning that he was in agreement with one of the consultants. As a result, we politely expressed our inability to take him as a client.

After receiving the reply, he said that even after more than two years, he did not get any acceptable idea about the future or outcome of his application; So, excluding the current consultant wants to work with us. He also emailed me a copy of the written agreement with his consultant.

Although the agreement mentions the name of a registered immigration consultant from Canada or RCIC, the agreement was signed by a Bangladeshi lawyer. In order for the reader to get a good idea, I have included a part of the agreement with this article. The name of the immigration company that has a huge office in Gulshan is also written under the signature of the lawyer. It was understood that the lawyer had signed the agreement on behalf of the company.

I was very surprised to see the signing of the agreement. This is because, under Canadian policy, the responsibilities of one immigration consultant cannot be delegated to another. The contract names a Canadian consultant named Elizabeth. According to the rules, he is the one to sign the agreement. This means that when reviewing the matter, it is understood that the name of the Canadian consultant has been mentioned in the agreement just to confuse the clients. The unsigned contract of that consultant has no value at all. The company has already snatched one lakh rupees from Mr. Sourav in three steps by signing a faulty contract. He also sent me the receipts for the money.

The various terms of the agreement signed on the stamp of one hundred rupees in Bangladesh caught my eye! Because, the terms are in direct conflict with the terms approved by the Canadian Immigration Consultancy. The conditions have been written by mixing the sweetness of the mind in such a way that the Bengalis will be attracted. If you discuss all the conditions, this article will be too long and you will lose your patience. So, in this article I will shed some light on only one agreement.

Please see part of the attached agreement.

Canadian Immigration Tips 16 A Fraud Story in the Name of Immigration Consultancy - কানাডা অভিবাসনের টুকিটাকি ১৬ ইমিগ্রেশন কন্সাল্টেন্সির নামে একটি প্রতারণার কাহিনী

According to the agreement, the fourth installment has to be paid after receiving the letter from ITA or Invitation to Apply. The question is, did the immigration authorities of Canada tell the signatory of the agreement that the client will get the ITA? How does the consultant know if the client will get ITA at all? Can a lawyer tell the result before announcing the verdict of a case? Therefore, such conditions are deemed fraudulent and are considered unacceptable under Canadian regulations.

Look again, in the case of money for the second installment, it has been said that a positive assessment will actually cost 550. Taking money on the condition of a positive result is also clearly permitted in Canadian regulations. Thus, every condition of this agreement is unacceptable under Canadian law. That is why no registered Immigration Consultant (RCIC) in Canada is supposed to sign such an agreement, and has never done so. So, although the name of a consultant named Elizabeth was mentioned in the body of the agreement, in reality it was signed by a lawyer from Bangladesh. If you do a good research, it can be seen that the Bangladeshi lawyer may also be fake. This is because a wise lawyer is not supposed to sign such an agreement on Canadian immigration without being registered in Canada.

In order to write this, I contacted the Canadian immigration consultant, whose name is in the contract, to find out if he is in any way related to the client mentioned in the contract. He said no. However, later it was possible to collect an assessment report from that company in Gulshan through Mr. Sourav so that Elizabeth's signature could also be seen. I don't know if it's Elizabeth's real signature. According to the report, the client does not have the points needed to open an 'Express Entry' profile. Even though there are no points, the last page of this same report says again - Saurabh Saheb Express Entry Profile is suitable for opening. This means that anyone should be confused if this four-page report is read well because of self-contradictory information.

Apparently Mr. Saurabh is not suitable for opening an immigration profile, but he has taken money from the client again saying that the express entry profile of that luxurious company in Gulshan will be opened, which is a direct fraud.

Asked why he had repeatedly handed over money to the company, he said, "Sir, when they see the royal office in Gulshan, I am the only one who will believe them." Hundreds of people are handing them millions of dollars every day in the name of Canadian immigration. ”

So what did Mr. Sourav get by handing over a total of two thousand Canadian dollars to that company in three phases? He received only one initial assessment report which was full of inconsistent or misleading information. However, our company charges only ৩ 300 for a detailed family assessment. However, since we can not give a national indication that the client may get ITA in the contract, or a positive result may come, so many in Bangladesh think that these so-called consulting companies with huge offices in Gulshan or Dhaka city are more reliable. Needless to say, Mr. Sourav was not only financially deceived by the company, he also lost two precious years of his life which further reduced his chances of immigrating to Canada.

After hearing the incident of Mr. Sourav, I said to him, "Can't you report the incidents of robbery in the name of Canadian immigration to the concerned authorities of the country?" Laughing jokingly at my words, he said, “What did he say, sir, did they think they would eat alone without sharing the authority? There will be no benefit in reporting in this country; So, everyone endures in silence. ”

Let's not write this long. If you have any special questions about studying in Canada, or immigration, please let me know at the email address below. The next article will try to reflect your interest.

It should be noted that the general discussion on Canadian immigration in other episodes of this series, including the current episode, should in no way be considered as legal advice. Because, specific legal advice is given in private meetings, not in general discussions. Remember, everyone's immigration case is different in one way or another.

Keep a regular eye on to read my latest articles on Canadian immigration. We end here today with the expectation of sharing more valuable information with you in the future.

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