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Canadian Immigration Tips 17: What is the end result of wife abuse? - কানাডা অভিবাসনের টুকিটাকি

Canadian Immigration Tips 17: What is the end result of wife abuse? - কানাডা অভিবাসনের টুকিটাকি ১৭: স্ত্রীকে নির্যাতনের শেষ ফল কী?

Canadian Immigration Tips 16 What is the end result of wife abuse - কানাডা অভিবাসনের টুকিটাকি ১৭ স্ত্রীকে নির্যাতনের শেষ ফল কী

A gentleman from Montreal, Canada called me. Thought, I am Indian. So, he started in Hindi. I was answering in English. After a while it became known that he is my compatriot!

While in Bangladesh, he did not engage in direct politics, but worked as a personal assistant to a Member of Parliament from a major political party. Suppose his name is Prince. He found my company, MLG Immigration, by searching Google.

Prince came to Canada with his family and later made a 'refugee claim'. The basis for his refugee appeal, the BOC, was that "new government workers were threatening to torture and kill him because of the change of government" and did not seek security from the new government administration.

Although he applied 18 months ago, the first hearing of the case was held only a month ago. The petition of his wife and infant daughter was accepted at the hearing. However, further investigation has been decided by postponing any decision on his own. How weird, isn't it?

The one who is the main applicant is not aware of his application, while the two who are his associate applicants passed them!

I think it is important to write about it a little differently so that others who are in a similar situation do not risk their own immigration by getting involved in unforeseen problems.

I emailed him the necessary documents and asked him to book a one-hour private consultation. He did so. Prince wants to know what to do in this situation.

He was involved in contract work as well as working as a personal assistant to political leaders in Bangladesh. He has also built houses and cars in the country. They were quite prosperous. Husband-wife relationship was good! However, (in his language) the wife would occasionally raise her hand to stay in the country as she was overreacting to some family matters.

Many educated and uneducated families in Bangladesh have this bad practice even though women tolerate it silently. During the conversation, many more things became very personal about them. There is no way to better understand a client's problem without knowing their confidential or personal information.

The family was troubled by the delay in reading the refugee appeal hearing date, which is not uncommon. However, I feel the uneasiness of Mr. Prince's wife (Rati, pseudonym) was a little too much. In the meantime, someone showed him a slightly crooked way to get a quick decision on the refugee application. Rati shared some top secret family matters with the person who showed her the crooked path. I mean, during her stay in Bangladesh, she was told that her husband used to physically abuse her for no reason. As a result, the prince had long been obsessed with his wife, which the prince could not have imagined.

As the right-hand man of the influential leader in the country, Prince literally walked like a prince with influence and prestige. As a result, he has no skills or interest in doing so-called 'odd jobs' in Canada. He wants a job in the style of a master or an officer. However, it is not easy for a new immigrant or refugee applicant to find a job in Canada. He has built multi-storied buildings in the country and rented them out. He has also given the responsibility of contracting to a few close people. From that the cost money comes to Canada. That's how the family lives.

Meanwhile, his wife set foot in Canada and immediately took a job as a laborer at a local Walmart. Rati didn't even hesitate to work night shifts for more than a dollar an hour. He also gained a reputation as a skilled employee in just one year. However, this woman has not done much outside the regime since she was sitting at home in the country.

As the workload increased, Rati also refrained from giving close company to her husband. Gradually the situation became such that he survived the journey as soon as the Baker Prince left him. Prince complained that the woman who used to stay in the country and wait for her husband to have dinner together till midnight, who was a very obedient housewife, is the one who did not call her husband today, had dinner and went to bed alone with her mobile phone in her hand! Economic freedom has made him so reckless. In this way, with the physical distance between the two, the distance between the mind also increased.

One night he did not return home after work. When he arrived at 9 o'clock in the morning, the prince was deeply troubled by his devastated physical and mental condition. Because Prince Regmege is restless without getting any satisfactory answer. At one stage there was a scuffle. However, Prince informed me that he had not been physically injured. The Prince had already learned that it was a serious crime in Canada to touch a wife or anyone else. So, with great difficulty, he accepted the skyrocketing change in his wife's behavior. To avoid bitterness, he once started spending the night in a separate room by himself. This is how the family was doing.

Prince thought that maybe his wife had treated him that way because he was unemployed. So, he also got a job in a grocery store through an acquaintance. It was hoped that this would change his wife's attitude. Unfortunately, the situation has not improved at all. In Prince's words, "The night was getting more and more messy."

Prince complained to me that his wife had become accustomed to Canadian shorts, leaving behind sarees-salwar-kameez-orna. When he returned home late at night, he started chatting with someone on his iPhone for hours. It can be said that there is no mind in the world.

Prince once found out that his wife was involved in 'foreign affairs' with a Pakistani citizen. That Pakistani is the same Walmart store manager. I mean, the boss of the night.

One morning, as Prince glanced down the street from his nine-story flat, he saw a Pakistani man apparently pulling a drunken man out of his car by the arm. Seeing this scene, the Prince wanted to jump from the ninth floor and make an immediate sacrifice. Yet somehow he managed himself; His whole body was trembling with anger though.

A few minutes later, when the night came to the house, the prince opened the door. As soon as you enter the bed room, you are almost unconscious in a deep sleep at night. Meanwhile, the Prince did not bother him and lay down in another room like himself.

The next morning, when he asked his wife for details, he got angry at night. The prince began to insult him. At this point the Prince could no longer hold himself back. He grabbed Rati's hair tightly with his left hand and dragged her to the bathroom and beat her severely with a towel hanger.

Unbeknownst to the prince, Rati used a mobile phone in the bathroom to take several pictures of scars and blood clots on various parts of her body. Later, Rati started blackmailing Prince in various ways by showing that picture. Moreover, she showed the pictures to the Canadian police and threatened to arrest him, so she brought her Pakistani boyfriend home in public and started spending time with him.

The situation was such that the caged tiger returned to the forest after a long time and got a chance to express its ferocity.

In consultation with a Pakistani boy friend, Rati also informed the Refugee Protection Division that her life was in danger after being beaten by her husband. He did not make a mistake in adding the pictures of the beating as evidence.

Realizing the seriousness of the incident, the Immigration Office arranged an emergency hearing and approved the application of the Prince's wife and baby daughter for special protection and sent the Prince's case to a Detective Investigation. That means, the original applicant, means the Prince's application is pending.

The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. That is, he physically abused his wife, which is not acceptable in Canada. Under Canadian law, an offender can face up to ten years in prison for such an offense. However, the exact amount of punishment depends on the circumstances and the seriousness of the crime.

Prince thinks his wife may have deliberately created such a situation that day with the intention of making him extremely agitated and violent.

His idea is that Pakistanis also have a hand in this plan. Apparently, the prince is convinced that Rati did this trick on the advice of his Pakistani in order to speed up the hearing of the refugee case and get a quick verdict in his favor.

Either way, the night is one hundred percent successful in its own planning. Unfortunately, if there is anyone in the environment like Prince Saheb in this story, he or she should learn from this incident. Under no circumstances should you touch your wife, children or anyone else.

Canada does not tolerate such violence at all. Probably a factor as to why many are saying that Canada is a paradise for women and children.

Let's not write this long. If you have any special questions about studying in Canada, or immigration, please let me know at the email address below. The next article will try to reflect your interest.

Incidentally, the general discussion of Canadian immigration in other episodes of this series, including the current episode, should in no way be considered legal advice. Because, specific legal advice is given in private meetings, not in general discussions. Remember, everyone's 'immigration case' is different in one way or another.

Also, keep a regular eye on to read my latest articles on Canadian immigration. We end here today with the expectation of sharing more valuable information with you in the future.

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