Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Social Media Facebook Job news 2021 - সোশ্যাল মিডিয়া ফেসবুক জব নিউজ ২০২১ - BD JOBS MEDIA

Social Media Facebook  Job news 2021 - সোশ্যাল মিডিয়া ফেসবুক জব নিউজ ২০২১ - BD JOBS MEDIA

Social Media Facebook  Job news 2021 - সোশ্যাল মিডিয়া ফেসবুক জব নিউজ ২০২১ - BD JOBS MEDIA

Social media Facebook has published job news online. Good news for job seekers on social media or information and communication technology jobs.

If you can read and write Bengali efficiently, you also have a job opportunity on Facebook. Along with this, you have to be skilled and proficient in computer related matters. If you have these skills, you will have the opportunity to work on Facebook, one of the largest IT companies in the world. Recently, Facebook has published a new job advertisement for the post of Bangla Language Manager. Those who will be appointed to this post will have to work on Facebook's Gurugram in Delhi or Singapore office.

Candidates interested in Facebook jobs can apply for this position on Facebook. Facebook has also informed the candidates what qualifications they need to apply for the job.

Eligibility of job seeker

To apply for this position, the candidate must have three years of English to Bengali translation job experience. In addition, you need to know how to write, translate and edit different types of reviews. Must be proficient in practical and writing in Bengali and 'business proficiency' in English. Facebook staff will need to have past experience to train and assist them in various tasks. Candidates applying for this post should be familiar with Bengali culture and trends. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.

Candidates who want to work as a Facebook 'Language Manager' should help the readers of the international community to access various services of Facebook through good quality Bengali translations. Facebook works in coordination with remote and remote area offices and regional stakeholders, so those who want to apply for a Facebook position should feel comfortable working with teams located in different time zones in remote areas.

What are the responsibilities of the job

The world's most popular social media Facebook has to translate various types of content and documents from English to Bengali. The linguistic and functional problems of Facebook need to be determined. Facebook staff need to be trained so that they can translate to the right quality.

Position Name: Language Manager, Bengali

Job Location: Gurgaon, India and Singapore

Languages are key to our mission of bringing the world closer together. The Facebook family of apps is currently available in 100+ languages and we are adding many more. ~90% of people already use our products from outside of North America and we continue to expand internationally.


Excited? Come join a great team and help us to think local and scale global!

As Language Manager for the Bengali community, , you will be involved in ensuring that we deliver a great user experience to our international audience through high quality translations. As we work closely with team members in remote offices and regional stakeholders, it is very important that the candidate be comfortable working with remote teams across different time zones.

Language Manager, Bengali Responsibilities

  • Editing and/or translating high visibility product content and documents from English to Bangali
  • Performing localization testing to identify linguistic and functional issues.
  • Supervising and training external vendor translators to ensure the quality of the translation they deliver is as expected.
  • Maintaining the localization glossaries and style guides, keeping them up to date and audience appropriate.
  • Providing Translation Memory maintenance.
  • Working closely with the in-country teams to deliver market appropriate translation.
  • Collaborating with source content owners to ensure that language requirements from technical and linguistic perspectives are understood and supported.
  • Supporting/Driving wider localization initiatives.

Minimum Qualifications
  • . 3+ years of experience in English-to-Bangali translation and localization as the successful candidate will be required to review, translate and edit content and documents on our platform. Fluency in Bangali and Business proficiency in English is required.
  • Experience with quality improvement, training and managing external vendors
  • . Knowledge with Bangali culture and trends to support market translation
  • BA or equivalent in a similar field such as translation, linguistics, communications etc.
Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience in localization of online and mobile products.
  • Experience in localization project management.
  • Familiarity with computer-aided translation tools.
  • Familiarity with digital marketing
  • . Cross-functional experience working with engineers and product teams

About the Facebook company
Facebook's mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. Through our family of apps and services, we're building a different kind of company that connects billions of people around the world, gives them ways to share what matters most to them, and helps bring people closer together. Whether we're creating new products or helping a small business expand its reach, people at Facebook are builders at heart. Our global teams are constantly iterating, solving problems, and working together to empower people around the world to build community and connect in meaningful ways. Together, we can help people build stronger communities — we're just getting started.
Facebook is committed to providing reasonable support (called accommodations) in our recruiting processes for candidates with disabilities, long term conditions, mental health conditions or who are neurodivergent, and to candidates with sincerely held religious beliefs or requiring pregnancy related support. If you need support, please reach out to accommodations-ext@fb.com.

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