Sunday, February 12, 2017

TMSS 1 post In 1100 Person appointed

TMSS 1 post In 1100 Person appointed

Non-governmental organization TMSS 1 of 1 total of 195 posts will be recruited. You can apply for these positions next 28 February until.

Appoint any number of positions -
Assistant Director of the company (Resource and Development Micro finance) at 5, Zonal Manager (Monitoring Micro finance), IT -9 th level officer, Regional Manager (Monitoring Micro finance), Officer (Human Resource Management and Development) and the branch manager (Islamic Micro finance) at 20 John, the regional Manager (Micro finance) at 50, at the level of 70 th -11 iT Officer, branch Manager (Micro finance) at 150, the branch accountant cum computer operator (Islamic Micro finance and Micro finance) at 300 and field supervisor (Micro finance) 500 positions will be recruited.

Application Requirements -
According to the notification, the candidates for the position of Assistant Director of Educational statistics should be / Development Studies / Economics Masters / MBA degree. Zonal Manager (Monitoring Micro finance) and regional manager (monitoring Microfinance) candidates for the office of the postgraduate / MBA will be passed. IT Officer - 9th and 11th grade applicants Computer Science / MIS / Information Technology Bachelor / Master will be passed. Regional Manager (Islamic Micro finance) at any position on the candidates Masters / MBA / Kamil will be passed. Branch Manager (Micro finance) candidates for the post-graduate in any discipline / equivalent to be passed. Officer (Human Resource Management and Development) candidates for positions in the management of post-graduate / MBA (major in HRM) will be passed. Branch Manager (Islamic Micro finance) positions the candidates Masters / Kamil / equivalent to be passed. Branch accountant cum computer operator (Islamic Micro finance and Micro finance), the position of the candidates bachelor of commerce / BBA (Finance / Accounting) / equivalent to be passed. The Field Supervisor (Micro finance) candidates in the post graduate / equivalent can apply if you pass. Assistant director of the positions of the candidates must be 45 years of age. Other terms of 35 to 40 years of age must be between the maximum padabhede. Depending on the terms of the positions of the candidates must have experience.

How to apply and the application process -
Interested candidates Director (HR and Admin-M), along tiemaesaesa application, complete CV (mobile number) of all the educational qualifications, experience certificates and a certified copy of national identity and 3 copies of recent passport size color photographs of all the positions of the candidates due date specified in the notification form will reach the specified address. All positions on the envelope in the name of the position applied for, and the level should be clearly specified.

The notice was published on page 8 of the PROTHOM ALO on January 5.
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