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Immigration to Canada - 07: Want to get married and go to Canada? কানাডা অভিবাসনের টুকিটাকি

Immigration to Canada - 08: Want to get married and go to Canada?

Immigration to Canada - 08 Want to get married and go to Canada

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a status on Facebook saying, 'I have been married for the last two decades. We are happy with three children. There is a funny story behind giving such a status all of a sudden. Listen to the story at the beginning of this writing.

Being a Bengali-speaking Canadian Registered Immigration Consultant (RCIC), many of the Bangladeshi immigrants to Canada contacted me through various channels. A lady named Suparna (pseudonym) sent me a message on Facebook Messenger that day, 'Brother, I want to go to Canada. Help? ' I replied, 'Of course, that's what I do.' His counter question is, 'So how can I get your help?' I told him with the email address of our company MLG Canada Immigration Services, 'Send your basic information, such as study, work experience, some descriptions of family members, etc. to this address. I will let you know in a counter email. '

Suparna massaged me again the next day, 'Brother, I have sent the information. See? ' On an average, at least forty / fifty emails are received daily from Bangladesh. It often takes two days to check all emails. At his request, I checked the email and found the cable. For information, what Suparna sent me is a few pictures of her wearing a sleeveless blouse with heavy makeup. Some pictures also show a seven- to eight-year-old girl.

That's all there is to information, nothing more. Seeing all this, I asked her if the pictures were hers, and who was the little girl? Although Suparna wanted to talk on the phone, I did not agree. He said in a text message that he is a divorcee and the girl is his. He said he was interested in going to Canada under any circumstances. He has an expensive flat in Dhaka. He also agreed to give it if necessary. Which I understood; So, I didn't talk anymore. Another similar incident took place about three months ago. I don't want to write it here anymore.

Seeing the young age, many more may be dreaming of coming to Canada by saying 'yes' to me. The thought of giving the above status came to his mind. The idea was, seeing that, Suparna will understand that I am married, have sons and daughters, have a happy family. With the post, I got out of Facebook and focused on work. After a couple of hours, I went on Facebook and saw that one hundred and fifty well-wishers had already congratulated me on my happy marriage anniversary. Alas! Can you imagine what I was in danger of posting with no thought? I am in this danger but the danger is a young friend named Saha. Bipadai wrote in the first comment, 'Happy marriage anniversary Gani Bhai.'

Not only me, many people living in Canada get marriage proposals from Bangladesh and many other countries with attractive gifts. Interest in marriage but not because of love. Take advantage of the fact that one can easily enter Canada through marriage. Therefore, it is ‘marriage fraud’, or marriage-cheating. Marriage ‘fraud’ is something that only people outside of Canada do. Many Canadians also commit these misdeeds on their own initiative to earn big bucks. Listen to such a story this time. Suppose the gentleman's name is Sumon.

Mr. Sumon came to Canada in the early nineties, as a refugee. Was very young in age then; Maybe twenty-two. After exchanging a few girlfriends, he married a girl from Bangladesh. Two children came to light their house. It was going well. But, in the meantime, Mr. Sumon got involved with another female colleague in the restaurant where he works. Due to this the marriage broke up. The children also became adults and left their fathers holding the hands of their girlfriends. Mr. Sumon started spending time with this girlfriend today, that girlfriend tomorrow.

Meanwhile, when he went to the country, he met a half-aged divorced woman through one of his relatives. From identity to friendship, so-called love, marriage is all in just two months. Then Mr. Sumon returned to Canada as usual. Meanwhile, he has informed the newlyweds that it will take a year for the documents to be fixed, then he can be brought. Divorce The girl's father is a businessman. So he arranged for Mr. Sumon to travel to Canada and Bangladesh every three to four months at his own expense. The family wanted the couple to live far away from each other but to ensure that they felt close to each other. Every time he went to the country, Mr. Sumon returned to Canada after spending a couple of weeks with his son-in-law. And, back in Canada, I have a girlfriend. What is the comfort of the Saudi prince!

Thus, even after three years have passed, Mr. Sumon's newly married wife is no longer brought to Canada. It takes time to make the paper, this is Mr. Sumon's excuse. For good reason, the girl's side started inquiring about Mr. Sumon. Eventually all the information about Mr. Sumon's Canadian girlfriend went to the family of his second wife through someone he knew. Mr. Sumon's father-in-law contacted me through a friend. Talk to that family. After listening to everything, I wanted to know whether they want to have this relationship or not? Despite all this, the family decided to have a relationship with the girl's future. They wanted to know, how can I help as an immigration consultant?

I advised the friend who informed me about the incident and contacted the family to talk to Mr. Sumon. I told him to tell Mr. Sumon to take the initiative to bring his newly married wife to Canada as soon as possible, otherwise I would intervene.

A couple of weeks later, Mr. Sumon called me and promised that it would not be too late, his wife would leave in three or four months. Although it took more than a couple of months, his new wife finally arrived in Canada. Come on, I'm glad the girl came to Canada and started a new family after three or four years of brutal exploitation. I didn't even have a cup of coffee from this family. Khaboi or why, I did not have to do anything?

Marriage fraud is defined as "marriage fraud" that takes place in Canada for the purpose of obtaining immigration, or for the purpose of arranging immigration for money. This is a crime under Canadian law. It carries a fine of up to one million Canadian dollars, and up to five years in prison. It is not difficult to see the level of punishment, it is not a minor crime.

Even if someone is able to enter Canada through 'marriage fraud', the Canadian authorities can deport the person who came from another country as a husband or wife if they find evidence of fraud in a proper investigation. It carries a minimum five-year ban on entry into Canada.

If a Canadian PR or citizen marries someone from another country and brings them to Canada, they are obliged to pay their maintenance for at least three years. A person who has come to Canada from another country during these three years is not an exception to this obligation, even if for some reason he or she agrees to marry his or her spouse. If a person entering Canada from abroad for any reason during this period has enjoyed Canadian Social Assistance or any other financial benefit from the Government of Canada, he or she is also liable to return the money to the Government of Canada.

If a Canadian owes such money to the Canadian government, he or she is not allowed to sponsor a new spouse until he or she has paid 100% of it. Understand how much it should cost to marry someone from outside Canada and bring them to Canada. Hastily arranging such a marriage is not good for either party. Get to know each other well enough time before marriage. Otherwise, the latter will be in danger later.

On the other hand, anyone who enters Canada by marrying a Canadian also has responsibilities. He cannot leave his former spouse if he wants to, and cannot take the initiative to bring him to Canada in a new way. You have to wait at least five years to get someone newly married and sponsored and brought to Canada. This is to discourage 'marriage fraud'. We all need to remember that sponsorship is a legal contract with the Government of Canada. There is no opportunity to take this contract lightly. Many people in Canada are in such a predicament and are drowning in the abyss of despair. Don't be one of them.

In the language of immigration, a marriage that takes place in the hope of getting mutual immigration and financial benefits from the connivance of the two parties is called 'marriage of convenience', which is illegal. Canadian immigration officers try to find out the truth in a variety of ways when in doubt, or when receiving a complaint. For example, checking various documents very carefully, checking financial transactions, interrogating the two parties separately, even sending people to the place where they are recorded to live, etc. After all, 'marriage fraud' is not happening at all.

Let's not write this long. If you have any special questions about studying, sponsorship or immigration in Canada, please let me know at the email address below. The next article will try to reflect your interest. Also, keep a regular eye on to read my writings on Canadian immigration. I end here today with the interest of sharing many more valuable information with you.

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