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Immigration to Canada 05: Why adults, how to study in Canada? কানাডা অভিবাসনের টুকিটাকি

Immigration to Canada 05: Why adults, how to study in Canada?

Immigration to Canada 04 Can you come to Canada on a school visa

There is a professional forum of registered immigration consultants in Canada called CAPIC, with more than a thousand consultants. As a Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), I am also a member of that forum.

Immigration to Canada is a huge workplace, with over 70 Canadian immigration programs. In addition, many of those who have already settled in Canada with temporary visas, such as visitors, students, etc., in various ways, are facing various legal issues while settling there. They also need to consult Canadian immigration consultants on a regular basis for their own needs.

For the same reason, in medicine, engineering, etc., as there are various branches or specializations, similarly, there are different branches in Canada Immigration. For example, some consultants work on refugees, some on temporary immigration such as education, visits, etc., some on permanent immigration or PR, immigration appeals, etc. In short, an immigration consultant can in no way claim to be an expert in all types of work. This is why knowledge sharing among consultants has become essential. This forum of immigration professionals has made the task of sharing knowledge and experience much easier.

A few days ago, an immigration consultant in the 'Capic' group shared one of his success stories. That is, a 56-year-old gentleman (his client) got a study permit in Canada. The client already has a master's degree. He is currently receiving a study permit in Canada for a two-year diploma program. This success of our consultant has been appreciated by all in the forum as the chances of getting a Canadian study permit at such a young age are generally low.

The question is, why is that gentleman coming to study in Canada at such a young age? There are two possible answers:

One. He will return to his home country to study the subject from Canada and apply the knowledge he has acquired to a greater extent;

Two. He will facilitate his immigration to Canada by earning this diploma.

We don't have a personal conversation with the gentleman and we don't know exactly why he is coming to study in Canada at such a young age. However, for whatever reason he came to Canada to study, the visa officer had to convince him that the knowledge he had acquired as a result of his education in Canada would be returned to his country and put to good use. Because, the visa officer does not want to hear in any way that a foreign national is planning to stay in Canada permanently without returning to his home country after completing his studies in Canada. Immigration authorities refrain from issuing study permits if such suspicions arise.

If you want to live permanently in Canada, there are many ways to apply for permanent immigration (PR) or immigration. Generally, the eligibility of a Canadian immigration application is determined by calculating points from various fields such as education, age, work experience, English language skills, etc.

In terms of education, there are separate points for education outside of Canada and education within Canada. Those who get a diploma or degree from any Canadian educational institution get several extra points. On the other hand, points decrease with age. So, for those who are a bit older, i.e. those who are forty or older, a Canadian diploma or degree can be very helpful in calculating the overall points. Perhaps the 56-year-old gentleman mentioned above who came to study in Canada at this age also plans to increase immigration points.

In Canada, if you can study in some approved subject or program in some government designated educational institution, you are given the opportunity to work full time for some time after graduation. The duration of this opportunity can be from eight months to three years. In addition, you are offered the opportunity to work part-time, or in some cases full-time, while studying for a study permit. This means that in order to study in Canada with a study permit, you will actually have the opportunity to work in Canada for some time during and after your studies.

During this time you can bring your spouse and dependent children to live in Canada temporarily if you wish. You can even work in Canada if your spouse wants, and the child can study in Canada without tuition fees.

As I said before, having an education in Canada gives you some extra points that make it easier to get permanent immigration or PR in Canada. Similarly, having work experience in Canada also provides extra points that are helpful to Canadian immigration. In addition, living in Canada for a few years due to study and employment will increase your English language skills which will help you to get better results in IELTS exams.

With this in mind, I think those who are a little older can try to come to Canada by enrolling in a suitable study program in Canada. If a study permit is attached to your destiny, many more doors can open in front of you one by one. But not everyone is bringing permanent immigration to Canada from the beginning. Rather, the number of people who enter Canada as a student and then become a step-by-step PR is probably higher. Needless to say, if you have Canadian study or job experience you will also qualify to apply for several Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs).

How to get a study permit in Canada? The answer is simple, first you need to choose a suitable college or university and at the same time, any study program suitable for immigration. The program does not have to be Masters, PhD. You need to submit the application for admission to the said educational institution along with the required documents and fees for admission.

The educational institution will send you a 'Letter of Acceptance' or Admission Offer if it deems it appropriate after verification and selection. The next part of this is the work of the Canadian Immigration Department. They have to submit application for study permit as per rules.

They approve or reject your study permit based on your financial ability, study requirements, and so on. This means that there is no guarantee that you will be able to study in Canada if the educational institution sends you an admission offer; You also need to get a study permit. For this reason, many take the help of a Canadian-approved immigration consultant throughout the study process in Canada.

Not to mention one thing here. A study permit is not a visa, it is just a permit to study in Canada. Visa is required to enter Canada. However, those who obtain a study permit also get a visa; You do not have to apply for it separately. Another question that may come to mind of many. That is, if you apply for admission to a college or university in Canada with a long break or gap in studies, what are the chances of success, or whether you will get a study permit even if you get an admission offer? The answer is, it all depends on your education plan or study plan. In short, you need to explain the reason for the break in education logically. Canadians believe in logic. Otherwise, how did the 56-year-old gentleman I mentioned at the beginning of this article get the opportunity to study in Canada at that age?

Let's not prolong this writing. If you have any special questions about studying in Canada, or immigration, please let me know at the email address below. There will be an attempt to reflect your interest in any of the following articles. Also, keep a regular eye on to read my article on Canadian immigration. I end here today with the interest of sharing many more valuable information with you.

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