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Immigration to Canada 08: What to consider when deciding to study in Canada - কানাডা অভিবাসন ০৮: কানাডায় পড়াশোনার সিদ্ধান্ত নিতে কি কি বিবেচনায় রাখবেন - কানাডা অভিবাসনের টুকিটাকি

Immigration to Canada 06: What to consider when deciding to study in Canada - কানাডা অভিবাসন ০৮: কানাডায় পড়াশোনার সিদ্ধান্ত নিতে কি কি বিবেচনায় রাখবেন

Immigration to Canada 06 What to consider when deciding to study in Canada

I have been waiting for a long time to get a higher degree from a reputed university in a developed country due to my good results while studying at BUET in Bangladesh. That's why I was admitted to the University of Toronto to do a master's degree in Canada without having to work directly with immigration.

I have been waiting for a long time for an opportunity to get a higher degree from a reputed university in a developed country due to my good results while studying at BUET in Bangladesh. That's why I was admitted to the University of Toronto to do a master's degree in Canada without having to work directly with immigration.

The University of Toronto is one of the top three universities in Canada. Not only Canada, but the first twenty or twenty-five universities in the world are not excluded. Naturally, many world-renowned professors and researchers can be seen on the campus of this university.

Admission of students to such high quality universities is also very scrutinized. I had the advantage, in addition to my good BUET results, I had previously done another master's degree from a university in the Netherlands. Perhaps these achievements helped me to be admitted to the University of Toronto.

A young teacher from an established university in Bangladesh (not to mention the name) also came to study in the same program in which I was admitted. The first few weeks, Bengalis, Indians or Pakistanis could not decide - maybe the two did not talk. Later when I found out that he is Bangladeshi.

Then it can be said that a very close relationship developed. He is five years younger than me. Although we are both studying in the same program, I am studying Canadian PR or Permanent Resident Status. And, he is an international student, that is, a foreign student. Due to the different immigration status, his tuition fees and other expenses are three to four times more than my expenses.

Moreover, failing to achieve the desired result in studies can also damage his international student status. Being a Canadian PR, I didn't have to worry about immigration, even if I didn't succeed in my studies. For good reason, I didn't have to go through as much tension as my younger brother.

The younger brother sat with me one day after class at a coffee shop on campus. He asked me for advice on a serious matter.

The problem is, he has already got a 'C' grade in one of the courses of our ongoing masters program. So, the fear is whether you will get 'C' again in any of the second courses. In this context, it should be mentioned that the university expels the student from the study program after getting 'C' in more than one course at the master's level in the top quality universities of Canada.

He thinks that if something like that happens to him, he will have to face various problems. At the same time, international student status will also be threatened. Meanwhile, his parents have fixed one of his students for marriage in the country. After being expelled from the program and returning to the country, the job may not go away, but how do you show your face to your fianc?

Speaking of which, the younger brother's blood pressure is rising. So, to calm him down, I said jokingly, 'Hey Mia, why are you so tense, if you have to go back to the country, you will tell everyone back home, you have left the dreamy life of Canada and returned to the country. Witness me if necessary. If the matter is known, patriotic stories about you may be published in newspapers. '

My younger brother took the words lightly, catching my joke. However, after much thought, I advised him to quickly transfer the credit to a university that is lagging behind in the rankings in Canada (I don't want to embarrass anyone by naming the university). Because, there won’t be as much competition as there is at the University of Toronto; As a result, it will not be impossible to get good grades. The proposal came to his mind.

Whatever it is that works; He just left. I have not had contact with him for three years after this incident. I once found out that he did so well there that he successfully completed his Masters and PhD at that university and also worked as a post-doctoral fellow at another university in Canada for a few years. He has already immigrated to Canada. This means that this patriot did not have to return to the country empty handed.

I have described the story of my younger brother in such detail in need of writing. What can be learned from this incident is that those who are coming to study in Canada from Bangladesh or elsewhere with immigration in mind will carefully consider the overall issues while choosing the study program.

Without thinking too much, getting admitted in the top ranking university's top program can actually lead to difficult challenges later on. With this in mind, as a Registered Immigration Consultant in Canada or RCIC, I always tell my clients who come to study in Canada with Canadian immigration-in mind to enroll in a relatively easy and convenient job.

The advantage of this is that if you get a certificate after finishing your studies in Canada, you can get good points for this education. In addition, additional points are available if you have at least one year of work experience in Canada. Adding points from these two sectors makes immigration to Canada much easier. Then once you become a Canadian PR, take as many degrees as you want, no one will stop you. After becoming a PR, you can study with a low interest loan from the Government of Canada. If you can't find a job after graduation, the Canadian government will forgive you the lion's share of the loan. See how easy it is for PR or Citizens to study in Canada!

I will end today's article by sharing some important experiences with studying in Canada. Those who are thinking of immigrating to Canada can read the following points with special attention.

One. After finishing the study program you are going to study in Canada, consider the possibility of getting a job there from the beginning. Because, to increase your chances of immigrating to Canada, you need both Canadian education and work experience. Having these two will increase your CRS score a lot. As a result, your immigration to Canada is guaranteed.

Two. Theory is more than the practical side in rhetorical studies, e.g., Masters, PhD, etc. As a result, it takes time to get a job, even if the degrees are boastful.

On the other hand, if you do not get a job within a certain period of time after finishing your studies in Canada, your international student status may be lost. In that case there is no special option to leave Canada quickly.

Three. Studying for foreign nationals (international students) in Canada is quite expensive; Therefore, the longer you study in a foreign national status, the higher the cost will be. You should go to such a long study program at your own expense only if you have a lot of money in hand, or if you get a government scholarship. If you want to study at your own expense, you will be admitted to a program that is relatively easy and which will get you a job in a relatively short time.

Those who study in Canada and do not worry about immigrating there can read whatever they want. My advice above does not seem to apply to them.

It is important to remember that in terms of culture, Bangladesh is very different from Canada. The main purpose of studying in Canada is to put it into practice; However, the demand for decorative degrees is high in the society of Bangladesh. A well-thought-out study plan is needed to get the most out of studying in Canada. What is good for one may not be good for another. Because not everyone has the same needs, circumstances, or motives.

Let's not write this long. If you have any special questions about studying in Canada, or immigration, please let me know at the email address below. The next article will try to reflect your interest. Also, keep a regular eye on to read my writings on Canadian immigration. I end here today with the interest of sharing many more valuable information with you.

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